January gives us a chance to get rolling on a new year for sure, but it also gives us a chance to help you learn a little something about an organization you have probably heard of, but might not know exactly what they do and why they do it.

Meet the AMBUCS! 

Simply put, AMBUCS helps create mobility and independence for people with disabilities with more than 5,500 members in 130 chapters across more than 30 states.

AMBUCS members enjoy the following benefits:

Social: Chapters provide fun, innovative service opportunities for people who want to improve their community. By working together, AMBUCS volunteers make their spare time go a long, long way.

Service: When someone joins AMBUCS they join a group of individuals who are ready to make a difference. AMBUCS local and national service programs generate intense satisfaction and pride.

Professional: As members work together, they contribute to chapter activities and goals while learning new skills that can pay lasting dividends in their professional lives. They also have the opportunity to make valuable contacts and develop essential leadership skills.

David Hodge dropped in with 98.7 WFGR Classic Hits to talk about the Kenowa AMBUCS and give us the in's and outs of their activities and how he came to be a part of such a great organization. 

Locally the Kenowa AMBUCS accept new members anytime of the year, and if you are so inclined, CLICK HERE for the Kenowa AMBUCS website.  If you would like to follow the Kenowa AMBUCS on Facebook, CLICK HERE for that link, give them a "like" and follow them.  You never know when the chance to help out might pop up.