It makes sense, since we ARE in Beer City USA, that we talk about which restaurant chain serves the most beer in the country. You would think it might be easy to figure out. Which has the most locations or has the biggest beer reputation. Not so fast there Encyclopedia Brown.

The top three Causal restaurant chains that serve beer are Applebees, Chili's and TGI Fridays, according to Wikipedia. The fourth largest? THAT'S the one that serves the most beer. Buffalo Wild Wings.

The new Downtown location here in Grand Rapids adds to the millions of gallons BW3 serves. This story from CNBC "Which Restaurant Chain Sells the Most Beer?" tells the BW3 approach to selling beer.

"Each restaurant has approximately 30 draft beers that include a selection of regional favorites tailored to each location, CNBC reported. In order to provide their customers with such a desirable beer selection, the chain uses a three-tiered system to choose which beers to pour. They first offer big brand beers (ie: Coors Light, Bud, or Miller) in every restaurant nationwide. Next, locations from each state serve the best regional beers from each state. And lastly, each restaurant then has the opportunity to choose their own seasonal offering based on a local favorite or customer preference."

Grand Rapids has quite the beer choices. From local places to chains, we all get along. For the sake of the title. Yay us!