Whether or not you go insane over the sport of bicycling, everyone can agree that the Tour de France indeed one of the most GRUELLING sporting events in the world.

It concluded this weekend, which is why Polish bicyclist Bartosz Huzarski posted a photo of his legs after Stage 18 on Facebook to show everyone just how straining the race can be.

The Tour de France is kinda like the World Cup. Americans are pretty blah about the whole, really long bicycle ride thing -- while the rest of the planet goes ape s***.

Probably because we don't ever want to see our legs look like this:

PHOTO: Bartosz Huzarski/Facebook
















Here’s the thing -- the ridiculous strain left his two hairless legs looking extremely bulgy and veiny – making them resemble...uh, er, well, we'll leave that to your imagination.

On the bright side for Huzarski -- people are now finally talking about him.

If he was into PEDs like Lance Armstrong, he’d have plenty of veins to choose from.