One mom decided to live by the old saying, “you get more bees with honey, than vinegar,” and this may be surprising to those who scoff at old sayings, IT WORKED!!Jeannette Kaplun of Miami, Florida, decided to take positive parenting to a whole new level with her kids, 11-year-old Michael and 8-year-old Sophia. She started praising her them for what they did right and stopped pointing out what they did wrong. Kaplun admits that it wasn’t easy.

Take heed mommies around the world because it worked! In a blog published on the website, Kaplun offered: “After two months of making a conscious effort at positive reinforcement…it really does work. Heartfelt words and a simple smile work wonders. Now my kids seem to compete against each other to do more great things and make me happy. It’s quite funny, too. They actually want to help me and feel proud when I call them out in front of friends and family.”

Now don’t get her wrong, she plans to keep up the “no negativity” policy, but notes that there are times when she has to draw the line – such as insults and hitting “that won't be allowed.”

Still daughter Sophia says loves her mom’s new parenting approach and adds, “She makes me feel proud of myself.”