Seriously, is there a worse group of people to piss off than firefighters? These are brave souls who could save you from harm, and do it for way less than they should be paid! Yet still, some hooligans find it hard to resist to try and stirr up trouble.

From the YouTube video "Careful Who You Throw A Snowball At! Fireman Gets his own Back On Prankster"

"Footage has emerged online showing a gang during Britain's latest cold snap causing trouble in what is believed to be Leeds. The video shows a firefighter standing on a boat about to use a giant hose when a cheeky teenager on a bridge above throws a snowball that hits him on the head. His friends then try to hit the member of the emergency services with even more snowballs. But within seconds the victim turns on the pump on his hose and starts shooting water up at the offenders, leaving them drenched through. Meanwhile the video, taken by a bystander, captures the laughter of the crowd watching as the boys get their comeuppance."

Those English brats. Really learn some respect. Eat some bangers and mash and go dry off...