It's a pretty simple proposition--If you were to design a sandwich that represents Grand Rapids--what would be on it? Nicole Infante wants to know. She took her idea for a "Grandwich" to Rick Devos' 5x5 night. She didn't win the 5k, but she got some people wondering what Grand Rapids' signature sandwich should be.

Like the Philly Cheesesteak or the Chicago or Detroit hot dog, a Grand Rapids sandwich is something Nicole believes in..."I kind of got jealous that Grand Rapids didn't have a sandwich" on a tv show highlighting famous sandwiches from around the country. So her 5x5 idea was to create a competition for Grand Rapids chef's and eateries to devise a "Grandwich" and let the public decide the winner.

The Grand Rapids Downtown Alliance got wind of the idea, and the rest is history. This story from the Press and mlive tells alot more of the details, including the info for creating the "Grandwich"..."The Grandwich: If you put Grand Rapids between two pieces of bread, what would it look like?"

So what do you think? What should be the Grandwich?