For years, how you tie your shoes and which salty snack you favor could tell researchers all about you. (If you double tie you are in introvert and if you like tortilla chips you are a spicy lover) Now, modern technology rears it's ugly head and gives new insight to our personality.

More specifically, how many unread emails you currently have in your inbox. A story on Yahoo from the Atlantic Wire "What Your Email Inbox Count Says About You"
talks about " The New Yorker's Silvia Killingsworth has embarked on an exploration into the subject of what she dubs in her headline as "Zero Dark Inbox," or having absolutely zero unread emails in one's inbox. She writes, "I have four e-mails in my inbox right now, but I’m aiming for that number to be zero. Like many practitioners of the 'Inbox Zero' system, I treat my inbox like a to-do list, with each e-mail representing a task...." She's adhering to a system created by Merlin Mann, a lifehacker and proponent of Getting Things Done, which is essentially the digital version of opening all your letters (what letters?) and bills when you receive them and dealing with them in whatever way you need as opposed to just setting them aside and waiting for the bill collectors to start bugging you before you pay up (not that we would do that, of course)"

What it boils down to is how you are in life (neat freak, scatterbrained, etc) pretty much is how you treat your inbox. Some people take it as a challenge to keep it at zero, others embrace their overwhelmedness. Where do you fall?

For the record, I have 59 unread out of 1,342. And I'm fine with it.