Who doesn't like free food? Unless you are unAmerican maybe you don't. And free pizza is about the best it can be! And you can WIN FREE PIZZA from Dominos!

Because I am in the "media" I get all these press releases and emails about stuff like this. "Domino's Pizza is partnering with Quikly to give one lucky recipient free pizza for a year. The recognized world leader in pizza delivery is inviting fans to register for the Fan Perks giveaway beginning today, and participate in the giveaway that will take place at a time designed to surprise Domino's fans." explains this email and story "Domino's Pizza® to Offer Free Pizza for a Year through Social Media Giveaway"

So you could win free za from Dominos. Huh. Nothing at ALL wrong with that. And you don't even have to win the big prize. "To join in the giveaway, customers should visit Domino's Facebook or Twitter page and click on the link to register for the giveaway through the time the giveaway begins. Once the giveaway begins, customers who have registered will receive a text message or email (depending on the notification method they select during registration) with a link to the giveaway site. The faster fans click through to claim their reward, the better their reward will be. The fastest person will be rewarded with free pizza for a year (in the form of $500 in Domino's gift cards). In addition, Domino's will award more than $100,000 in e-gift cards to 50,000 other fans who click through to claim their rewards."

So be quick, and win free food. I could handle that!

Olga Nayashkova/ThinkStock