Aside from really serious bad news (cancer, aids something like that) what is the worst possible news you could get? Your wife is leaving you? The kids have dropped out of school to start their own Medical Marihuana dispensary?

How about your close-to-being-cancelled-3-times-already tv sitcom is being moved to...


"The Rules Of Engagement", with David Spade, the guy who played Puddy on Seinfeld (as well as the voice of Joe on Family Guy) and the hot chick from that show with Donal Louge that they show on ABC Family at like 8am in the morning, has been officially moved to Saturday nights at 8pm starting in the fall. Wow, that's a HUGE vote of confidence.

Think for a second. Name the last first run TV show you watched on a Saturday night. Actually, name the last TV show you watched on a Saturday night at all. Exactly. This is where the networks usually dump repeats of all their other shows from the rest of the week. In fact, after "Rules" on Saturday nights, at 8:30 is what CBS is calling "Comedytime Saturday (encores)"

Hey Puddy, I wouldn't tell Seth MacFarlane to "Kiss off" anytime soon!