One of my broadcasting mentors passed away. I haven't seen Scotty Wilson in over 25 years. Thats what happens. People from High School--especially educators--aren't seen often. Sure we have reunions, but most teachers dont come to reunions. Even so, when they pass, it still makes you think.

Scotty Wilson was one of the people who believed in myself and my broadcasting dreams. At 16, i just was a pup. Mr. Wilson, then the athletic director at Portage Central High School by Kalamazoo, let me do some home basketball announcing in the gym. Which led to me announcing hockey games, and then more broadcasting class responsibilities. Soon I was producing videos for the school district and acing the lone broadcasting class offered.

Theres a better than average chance I might not have had a career in the radio business if it wern't for Scotty Wilson. He passed away right before his 85th birthday. He leaves a wife of 61 years and children and grandchildren. He will be missed by friends, family and competitors alike.

25 years ago he wrote me a letter of recommendation. I still have it to this day. I will cherish it forever.

Portage and Kalamazoo coaching great and hall of famer Scotty Wilson dies