It's possible they have ran out of ideas in Hollywood. Not only have they rehashed movie after movie and idea after idea, now they are remaking old TV shows into movies. That sentence makes it sound like they haven't been doing that for years. NOW they are taking shows that really were not all that successful and making them into movies. "Good Times" is an example.

Good Times was on the air for six seasons, and only finished in the top 10 once. It made Jimmy Walker a star for a few years, but he's still a one trick pony. Hollywood has struggled to come up with original ideas for decades, and now there's proof that plenty of movies that have been copied almost exactly and made into "different" stories.

Here's a gallery of 29 different movie posters with 2 films with very similar story lines. What's even more amazing is that most of the movies were released in the same year. You make the call if they are rip-offs or just a "coincidence" they seems the same.

Damn Hollywood.