In my search for all things awesome in the fast food world, I have stumbled upon something huge. 7 patties huge! Steak and Shake, who IS famous for steak burgers, has introduced a new late night menu. It starts at midnight and goes to six am. AND it includes breakfast (unlike an actual diner, Steak and Shake doesn't serve breakfast all day long--this is a step in the right direction!) AND some new menu items.

Including the new "7x7 Steakburger" Described in "A Hamburger Today" story "Steak 'n Shake's New AllNighter Menu Features 7-Patty Steakburger"
"Besides more standard dishes like Buffalo wings and chili cheese fries, you can get the 7x7 Steakburger, seven Steakburgers and seven slices of American cheese stacked into a towering one-pound burger packing 1,330 calories and 98 grams of fat for $7.77."

7 patties. 7 slices of cheese. $7.77. That's a dollar eleven a patty and cheese. I might take that bet. Hmmmmmm. To be fair, the In and Out Burger chain out west has this kind of a burger. You can actually order the 20x20 burger if you want. You can make it a "whatever x whatever" burger there.

But there ARE no In and Out's east of Texas, so the Steak and Shake burger will have to do. Who is ready for breakfast? Meet ya there bout 2!