OK there's more than one. There's more like five or six. In a nutshell, and the biggest one, is I never watched the show to start with. So I really have no idea whats going on. Bryan Cranston...wasn't he the dad on Malcolm in the Middle?

The second reason was I could have DVR'ed it. And then could have watched it at my leisure. Like 50 million other Americans. Then all the spoilers would have upset me. But since I have never watched the show, I don't really care. Spoil it away. Didn't someone die or something...beats me.

The third, fourth and fifth best reasons were I was tucking in my kids and helping them with their homework. Awww... I know. Adorable. Still, give me YOUR better reasons than that? That's what I thought. Whatever. Or as they say "Whateves".

Really...wasn't that Frankie kid in the this show...no? What about Amanda Bynes? Miley Cirus? No....hmmmm.