Tom Cook, from our sister station 100.5 The River, posted on his Facebook Page a couple of nights ago about swing dancing returning for the spring/summer to Rosa Parks Circle. "I love this city" was Tom's exclaim. I love this city too, but another reason.

In the midst of the worst flooding the city has seen in recorded history, our fair mayor Heartwell still reminds of that even in adversity, we can still have a chuckle. In a press conference, the Mayor made this suggestion.

"People around the city and its surrounding suburbs should conserve their use of water, including showers and toilet flushes. Shower with a buddy if you can. (That) will relieve the demands on the waste water treatment plant that serves the Grand Rapids region."

Yes, the Mayor of a good sized Midwestern City is urging it's residents to shower with each other to conserve water. I'm sorry, but he can run for uncontested re-election for the rest of his life if he'd like. Term Limits, shemerm limits. ;)

Here's TV 13's report on the flooding and the water plant.