We all know someone that never takes a sick day, right? It's not that they're a work-a-holic, it's just that they NEVER catch whatever's floating around the office. How in the heck do they do it? Stumbled across a book by Gene Stone called The Secrets of People Who NEver Get Sick, which profiled 25 people who have successfully fended off illness their whole lives. Here are a few of their tips:

Nap! Lack of sleep compromises your immune system and triggers stress. The best time for a nap is between one and three in the afternoon

Friends. Having friends and making new friends seems to increase self-esteem, which in turn, supports the immune system.

Cold Showers! Cold water may increase the body's natural antioxidants

Brewer's Yeast. Packed with B vitamins, protein and trace minerals, it's good for overall health.

Lifting Weights. Pumping some iron may reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, colon and breast cancer, depression and diabetes.

The two I'm good at are Napping and and for some reason I take a lot of cold showers :)  But I still get one or two good colds each year.  How about you??