Imagine if you will. The Griffins are in town Friday night. Your friends call and want to know if you want to go to the game. Instead of having to call the box office or go online and pull the credit card out, you just sit back and say "I'm already going...have my tickets right here". Kevin says "You ALWAYS have tickets, how did you manage that?" You listen to WFGR, and won the Free Ticket To Ride 2012. That's how! Tickets to EVERY thing we give away all year long!

Also the Sport show is at Devos. You have tickets. Nugent at DTE. You have tickets. The Whitecaps home opener. You have Tickets. Boz Skaggs at Meijer Gardens. You have tickets. The WFGR Beer event. You have tickets. And the list goes on. Win tickets to every event we give tickets away to with the WFGR Ticket To Ride!

2 ways to win--Make sure you are a WFGR Classic VIP club member. We will at random many times each workday pick VIP Club member names and read them on the air. You have 9 minutes and 87 seconds (really 10 minutes and 27 seconds...but whose counting?) to call back and get registered.
Like us on Facebook and watch for Facebook fan Blitz to get registered as well! We will draw for a winner on January 27th. One luck WFGR fan wins tickets to everything we give away tickets to.

The WFGR Free Ticket to Ride!