I will admit that math is not my suit. Somehow I made it through high school trig, but these days, ask me anything about a "tangent" or a "co-sign" and I will certainly stare blankly back at you. But even I knew the answer to this brainbuster: "How long  does it take to drive 80 miles at 80 mph?" People who didn't? Chelsea. And her husband caught it on video.

Chelsea comes up with a really complicated formula involving her running times, the rotation of the tires, and the estimated speed of a car relative to a minute to eventually come up with... 58 minutes! Oh, honey...

While I find the video funny, apparently there's been a little backlash, prompting her husband, Travis, to post a message on YouTube:

Thank you for those of you that have been understanding, positive and supportive through the experience of the unplanned, unintended, and unsought public attention we've received for the viral YouTube video. For those of you that have misinterpreted the context of the video and commented negatively, not having the background story, we sympathize with you, we aren't angry and hope you'll reconsider your feelings. Our relationship has been strengthened by this experience and we encourage anyone with questions to view Good Morning America and our future posts.

Probably also strengthening their relationship is Travis' recent promise to give Chelsea a "new shopping budget".