This could be the most profitable nap in baseball history…

Way back in April, during a Major League Baseball broadcast, ESPN showed a man sleeping at a Boston Red Sox-New York Yankees game. You probably don’t remember it because it was pretty brief and NOT spectacular in any way… The world moved on five minutes later.

Well, the man captured getting some shut-eye, apparently feels he’s lawyered up and filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit for emotional damage against ESPN, John Kruk, Dan Shulman, and MLB Advanced Media.

The sleepy one is Andrew Robert Rector, and in his complaint alleges that the ESPN broadcast led the public to assume that he is a “symbol of failure” -- and that “Shulman and Kruk unleashed an ‘avalanche of disparaging words’ against him.” Like, "stupor," "fatty," "unintelligent," and "stupid." No dude, we figured that out about you when you filed a stupid lawsuit.

Read the entire formal complaint here.

To see if there’s any truth to this so-called “suffering,” the video clip is STILL available for all the world to watch on YouTube – where anyone can determine whether or not Shulman and Kruk actually called him “a fatty cow that need two seats at a time.”

Hint: They don’t. This guy doesn’t stand a chance.