What do you get when more than 2,000 students representing two high schools lipdub Daryl Hall and John Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True" at the same time?

You get a split screen video of epic proportions.

You would think that the left or West side of the video would feature Zeeland West, but that's the Chix of Zeeland East, while the right or East side of the screen features Zeeland West's Dux.  


Not as much as you will be trying to watch both videos at once.

So, which school did the better job?  

It's hard for me to say because I can't concentrate on one side or the other. Every time there's a lull on one side, something grabs my attention on the other side.

Lipdub videos are difficult to choreograph and film, so let's hear it for the people who put this video together. Michael Costello is the broadcasting instructor at both schools, and he passes the credit down to the student directors, Kaitlyn Smedley and Nicole Childerston. They handled the choreography, filming and production on the videos.

Costello told The Grand Rapids Press and MLive that more than 1,000 hours were spent rehearsing for the video shot May 1.

"I am so very proud of their efforts," said Costello, who said cameras were actually operated by broadcasting students being pulled in wheelchairs.

"There are many current songs that would have been easy choices but they wanted to be different. We chose to do a split screen final product to demonstrate that each building on campus has its own identity."

Pick a side and enjoy!