My wife and I have been to Ludington, Michigan for the last three years straight because we absolutely love it there.

There are several miles of beaches in Ludington that are so nice and it's just the perfect destination for the whole family when it comes to swimming, kayaking, sand volleyball, and this list goes on and on.

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But because my wife and I go there quite often, I thought we would give you the top 10 reasons why everyone should go to Ludington, Michigan.

1.  Lake Michigan.  When you drive straight into downtown Ludington, you'll drive straight ahead and see the most beautiful view of Lake Michigan.  As soon as you see Lake Michigan, you'll want to jump out of your vehicle and start taking pictures.

2.  Sandy beaches.  Love the beaches in Ludington because they are always very clean and fun to walk on.  And let's not forget about sand volleyball and shuffleboard too.

3.  Swimming.  Bring your beach towels, sunscreen, a few snacks, and then you will enjoy one of the best days on the beach in Ludington, Michigan.  Lake Michigan is so beautiful and nothing is better than laying out in the sun and then going for a swim in Lake Michigan.

4.  Hamlin Lake.  This lake is very close to Lake Michigan and it's very fun to go boating on Hamlin Lake.  My wife and I rent a boat every summer at Hamlin Lake and we just spend the whole day cruising the lake, swimming, and we also pack a lunch basket with sandwiches and goodies.

5.  House of Flavors.  We both love the House of Flavors.  Plenty of delicious ice cream and a wonderful restaurant too.  You can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the House of Flavors and then enjoy a delicious ice cream treat at the end of your meal.

6.  Putt Putt golf.  When you drive straight into Ludington and you arrive at the Lake Michigan beach, you will see a putt putt golf course right there.  My wife and I love to challenge each other to several games of putt putt.

7.  Beach volleyball.  Volleyball in the sand in Ludington, Michigan.  They have a volley ball set up right there on the main beach in Ludington.  We always watch people play volleyball in the sand and my wife and I join in as well.

8.  Ludington lighthouses.  Best in the state of Michigan in my opinion.  The lighthouses in Ludington have a lot of history behind them and they are fun to seek out and even go inside to look around.  I've always been fascinated with lighthouses and my wife and I will spend plenty of time checking them out.

9.  Old Hamlin restaurant.  Love this place.  My wife and I go there for breakfast and for dinner because they serve up plenty to eat.  They have really thick French toast and they have delicious mouthwatering hamburgers too.

10.  Golf courses.  This is extremely important to my wife and I because we both love to play golf.  Last time we were in Ludington, we played golf at the Ludington Hills golf course and had a blast.  It doesn't matter how many golf balls we lose in one round, it just matters that we have lots of fun while we play together.

Ludington, Michigan is one of the best places to visit in our state.  Here's more from

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