Sunday Fun Days are all the thing now.  You and a group of friends either meet up for brunch or lunch and enjoy the rest of the last day of your weekly freedom by partaking in some adult drinks and camaraderie; if they're done right, you could even make a few friends.  Just remember these 10 rules for a good "Sunday Fun Day"

1) Few things your Sunday Fun Day should have and be good at making:  Bloody Marys (with a side car, get a bonus point)   Bacon & Mimosas

Getty Images for NYCWFF

2) Generously tipping - after all you're day drinking and someone is having to work your "fun day"... at least make sure they like you!

Burke/Triolo Productions

3) Sweats or yoga pants and no shower is fine - it's the day of rest and everyone should be ok with that.  (basically, it's OK to look like Christine does every day)

Rob Sparks/Townsquare media

4) Remember you have to work on Monday - so pace yourself (maybe stop at two shots -if any)


5) All is forgiven after Sunday - rants, accidentally skipping out on a tab, ordering a bunch of carbs. all forgotten.

SO MUCH FOOD. photo credit: .shock

6 ) No naps - if you leave for a nap you're done. No one ever comes back out after a nap.  Power through or go home.

photo credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd

7) Everyone gets to pick songs - just because the TouchTunes jukebox can put your song next, don't be the douche who keeps skipping everyone else's horrible picks.

8) Uber out so you can Uber home. No one wants to wake up extra early to pick you up or help you get your car on Monday. Those same people also hate bailing you out of jail.

Michele Piacquadio

9) Clothes and shoes stay on!  This isn't Saturday night

Varvara Konobeeva

10) No calling in sick on Monday. It's not allowed, it's like when you were school and you couldn't go outside bc you stayed home sick, but the reverse.. you weren't sick on Sunday for fun day, so you can't be sick for a workday.