I'm pretty old school when it comes to competition and sports. I don't get the  "everybody wins" crap that has lead to not keeping score in childrens' athletics. What's it teaching them? In the real world, sometimes you get your butt kicked. You don't get awards for just showing up-- performance matters.  So I was kind of shocked to hear of yet another restriction placed on kid athletes to keep the playing field level. Recently, an 11 year old football player was benched for being too good.

6th grader, Demias, Jimerson is a running back in Arkansas’ Wilson Intermediate League. He's so good that the leauge implemented a little known rule named after Arkansas Razorbacks, Madre Hill. If a player has already scored three touchdowns and his team has a 14-point lead, then he’s banned from the endzone.

A. Isaac from guyism.com makes an excellent point:

I’m somewhat confused here. If Jimerson gets close to the goal line, is he supposed to fall down and do snow angels or is there some kind of invisible fence that shocks him and prevents him from scoring?

Haha- Exactly! What do you think-- is the Madre Rule fair?