Looking for some new brews to try? Check out these Mitten State beers that won medals at the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship. 

More than 6,000 beers from all over the world competed in the challenge this year. Organizer say that judging is blind, so judges know only the categories like "Robust Porters" and "Fruity IPAs", but not the names of the actual beers or the location from which they come. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, judging was held in both the U.S. and Canada, at locations including Atlanta, GA; Oxford, Ohio; and Welland, Ontario.

Here are all the Michigan breweries that got medals at the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Challenge, the category in which they won, and their ranking among top competitors:

Bitter Ales
Gold: Lyon Pride – Third Monk Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Bitter – Niagara College – Ontario
Bronze: Brink ESB – Brink Brewing – Ohio

Imperial Porter
Gold: – Black Eye Imperial Porter – Scratchtown Brewing – Nebraska
Silver: Capella Imperialized Porter – Ecliptic Brewing – Oregon
Bronze: Cinful Imperial Porter – American Harvest Brewpub – Michigan

Classic Irish Dry Stout
Gold: Classic Irish Dry Stout – Cedar Springs Brewing – Michigan
Silver: O’Dark Thirty Stout – 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing – Virgina
Bronze: Dry Stout – Reuben’s Brews – Washington

English Barley Wine
Gold: Decline – Icicle Brewing Pub – Washington
Silver: Gobsmacked – New Heights Brewing – Tennessee
Bronze: Bollocks – Haymarket Brewing – Michigan

Juicy or Hazy Pale Ale
Gold: Chance IPA – Wild Leap Brew Company – Georgia
Silver: Hazy River – New Holland Brewing – Michigan
Bronze: Soul of the City – Atlanta Brewing – Georgia

Light IPA(under 120 Calories)
Gold: Wowza! – Deschutes Brewing – Oregon
Silver: Mallet – Workshop Brewing – Michigan
Bronze: High Light – Sweetwater Brewing – Georgia

Gold: U47 – Third Monk Brewing – Michigan
Silver: 255 Amber – Waconia Brewing – Minnesota
Bronze: Alterior Motive – StormBreaker Brewing – Oregon

Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale
Gold: Oost – HighGrain Brewing – Ohio
Silver: Grand Cru – American Harvest Brewpub – Michigan
Bronze: Muse – Daredevil Brewing – Indiana
Bronze: Jordan Harbour PA – Bench Brewing – Ontario

Gold: Gose – Reuben’s Brews – Washington
Silver: Gose In Your Mouth – Spider Bite Beer Company – New York
Bronze: Gose Like Swayze – Territorial Brewing – Michigan

Bohemian Pilsener
Gold: – Küsterer Pils – Cedar Springs Brewing – Michigan
Silver: 12º Pils – Ferment Brewing – Oregon
Bronze: 407 Pils – Bowigens Beer Company – Florida

Barrel Aged Pale Beer
Gold: Dragon’s Milk White – New Holland Brewing – Michigan
Silver: Bent Barrel – River Dog Brewing – South Carolina
Bronze: Sonata Con Legno – New Groove Artisan Brewery – South Carolina

Barrel Aged Strong Beer
Gold: 1314 – Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming
Silver: 3 Sisters – Barrel Aged – Port O’Pints Brewing – California
Bronze: Dragon’s Milk Solera – New Holland Brewing – Michigan

Barrel-Aged Strong Stout/Porter Specialty
Gold: 7 Deadly Stouts – Monday Night Garage – Georgia
Silver: UVB-76 – Wellington Brewery – Ontario
Bronze: Our Darkest Days – Incendiary Brewing – North Carolina
Bronze: Maple Grenade – Silver Harbor Brewing – Michigan

Red/Port Wine Barrel Aged Beer
Gold: Home at Port – Deschutes Brewery – Oregon
Silver: It’s A Hard Knock Life – Wine Barrel – New Groove Artisan Brewery – South Carolina
Bronze: Sturgill -Haymarket Brewing – Michigan

As for top breweries in the nation, here are the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship winners:

Top 10 Breweries
1. Deschutes Brewery – Oregon
2. Monday Night Garage – Georgia
3. Narrow Path Brewing – Ohio
4. Barnaby Brewing – Alaska
5. Reuben’s Brew Taproom – Washington
6. Amsterdam Brewing – Ontario
7. Big Sexy Brewing – California
8. Main & Six Brew Company – Florida
9. Spearfish Brewing – South Dakota
10. Wellington Brewery – Ontario

This is a fun category: The "Top 10 Favorite Beer Names". They say that winners are chosen subjectively,  "based on laughter volume — at the conclusion of the judging."

Top 10 Favorite Beer Names
1. Menace to Sobriety Stout – Hank Hudson Brewing – New York
2. Purple Floors and Dinosaurs IPA – Double Branch Brewing – Florida
3. Breaking Bud IPA – Knee Deep Brewing – California
4. Flavus Maximus Ale – Soul Fire Brewing – Texas
5. Straight Kick to the Scotch Ale – Urban Brew Labs – Illinois
6. Double Rogg Dare You – Gezellig Brewing – Iowa
7. Fog Eat Fog World Hazy DIPA – Slice Beer Company – California
8. I Don’t Give A Schnitzel Oktoberfest – de Bine Brewing Co. – Florida
9. Arrowmatic DIPA – Arrow Lodge Brewing – California
10. Tipsy Goat Bock – Oak Highlands Brewery – Texas
10. You’re Killin’ Me S’mores – Brewfinity Brewing – Wisconsin

Check out the full list of winners from the 2020 U.S. Open Beer Championship here.

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