Halloween costume shopping this week has really put me in the mood for the holiday. While I do like the dressing up and celebrating part to Halloween, I'm not the hugest fan of the scary part-- horror movies, haunted houses, ghost stories. Hey, I'm kind of a wuss, OK? However, there is some fun to being just a little creeped out. The vids in Billboard's 15 Scariest Music Videos Ever list are definitely in the creepy category. Check out the Classic Hits artists' videos who made the list!

The Cure, Lullabye (1989)

Of course, MJ's Thriller (1983) makes the cut.

My top choice for scariest? Gotta be Soundgarden's Black Hole Son (1994). Those crazy eyes and giant grins-- creeps!

Also making the list:

Chris Brown, Wall to Wall (2007)

The Horrors, Sheena is a Parasite (2006)

Marilyn Manson, Sweet Dreams (1999)

Ozzy Ozbourne, Bark at the Moon (1983)

Aphex Twin, Come to Daddy(1997)

Fever Ray, If I had a Heart (2009)

Rob Zombie, Dragula (1998)

Geto Boys, Mind Playing Tricks on Me (1991)

Rockwell, Somebody's Watching Me (1984)

Daft Punk, Prime of your Life (2006)

For the all the creepy vids, head to billboard.com.

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