The coronavirus has hit the Detroit Police Department quite hard as 150 officers are under quarantine with 5 officers testing positive for COVID-19, according to Detroit Free Press.

Which hearing those numbers you first think, “who’s watching the streets?”

2,050 other officers, that’s who. It’s not quite as bad as it sounds because by comparison, it's a smaller percentage, but the 9th precinct was hit particularly hard after they had hosted a “Police and Pancakes” event and someone who attended later tested positive. Most of the officers should be back on patrol in the next few days.

Detroit police chief said that police have also been given leeway on pursuing some misdemeanors, although the chief made it clear to Detroit Free Press,

"What’s non-negotiable is misdemeanor arrests for domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree and certainly felonies."

It's scary when you realize how quickly it can take down a group of people, even if ti's just being in quarantine waiting to see if you test positive. In addition to the 150 police officers, 6 firefighters are also under quarantine.  The chief said police operations were continuing as usual, he did say that if the number was doubled, they would be in more of a bind.

Help keep the police, first responders and hospital staff safe... Stay inside, and wash your hands

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