Who are these people? Where do they live?

Nowhere near me, and certainly nowhere near Diamond Avenue on the Northeast side.

Driving back from Chicago on I-94 this weekend, I knew I was back in Michigan when the roads turned to crap the instant I hit the state line crossing over from Indiana.

What is surprising is that a nice chunk of our drivers rate our roads as "excellent". A full two percent found that our roads are the best they can be. Clearly, these people have either never been out of the state, or live in some sort of dream community where every road is paved to perfection.

I'm just not sure of where that is.

Other findings of the study show that 16 percent of people would impose tolls to pay for better roads, 13 percent would increase taxes based on car usage, while 12 percent thinks the money to fix roads should come from increased registration fees.

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