September 22, 1994. It's not a date that will live in anything, but a date that started the modern TV situation comedy and made coffee drinkers out of everyone under the age of 30. "Friends" debuted!

I was 24 and remember watching the first episode, and actually watched the whole first season in prime time. Of course now it's on all the time, between TBS and Nick at Nite and Fox 17. It hit me right from the start, as I was about the same age as all of them. Central Perk and "How YOU doin?" and "We were on a BREAK!" and the Rachel haircut are all part of pop culture.

This is a cool article about if "Friends" was a show today. Pretty telling. I'm glad it was out when it was.

"In reality, the most beloved show of our generation is a pretty simple plot: six twenty-something friends live in New York City. A pitch like that would never get put into production today. "The Big Bang Theory" is kind of close, it centers on the lives of a bunch of nerds who are friends and have a similar will-they-won't-they relationships; "How I Met Your Mother" also focuses on friends in New York City, but the underlining plot was always, "Jesus Christ, who is the actual mom, I can't believe this story taking so long." And, really, the staying power of these popular shows aren't anything like "Friends"."

Couldn't agree more. Long Live Friends!

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