Big Michigan lottery jackpots have been claimed in Grand Rapids in 2016, but two Grand Rapids stores stand out as the luckiest. They are the only two locations with multiple winners of $5,000 or more so far this year.

Through February 15, there had been 19 Michigan Lottery winners of $5,000 or more in Grand Rapids. Only two locations saw multiple winners.

The Meijer at Kalamazoo Avenue and 28th Street has seen two $5,000 winners claimed this year. Both winners were from a Daily 4 drawing on December 28.

Even luckier, the Hall Street BP has seen a total of three winners of $5,000 claimed this year. Those Daily 4 drawing winners were selected on December 30, January 18 and January 27.

The biggest single winner in Grand Rapids so far this year is a $118,648.00 Fantasy 5 winner selected January 6 at Two J's Party Store.

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