Hunting in Michigan has been a past time for many hunting families for generations but it looks like there will be less people hunting in 2019 than ever before.

According to WOOD, the amount of people hunting is down statewide and has continued to decline for years.

The newer generation of younger people have been moving away from hunting and even fishing numbers are down as well.

In the '70s, '80s and '90s over 1 million people hunted in Michigan. Now the numbers are just over 650,000 that have purchased a Michigan license.

Fishing has also seen a downward trend over the last few decades. Less people hunting and fishing really hurts the states effort on conservation

Fishing also is on a downward trend. And officials with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources say the drops are impacting the state’s conservation efforts since the selling of licenses is how the Department of Natural Resources gets its funding..

Odds are, with the new baiting ban that was put in for 2019 the hunting numbers are likely to decline even more.

There are some other factors, the 2 buck rule is a bad idea because so many bucks have been taken, hunters are just not seeing the deer to make it worth the effort. The large number of doe permits that are giving out are way too excessive also.

Firearm deer season kicks off on Friday November 15. Many hunters will still be in the woods but it will be the lowest numbers in our states history since the state has been keeping records.

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