Police in Huron County are looking for a man that called 911 in need of help on Tuesday morning.

According to WNEM, Huron County Sheriff’s officials took a call from a man, identified as 21-year-old Parker Haire, asking for help, but lost contact with him a short time later. His cell phone indicated he was on the point of the Sebewaing River, but a search of the area using drones and K-9s turned up nothing.

Apparently, Haire was at a party the night before in Tuscola County. It sounds like something at some point happened and he ended up stuck in the mud because his vehicle was spotted on the property of Bay Shore Camp. Unfortunately, only his vehicle was found, Haire was not located.

I'm guessing he was out partying and then ended up somewhere he wasn't supposed to be and got stuck in the mud. What happened after that is a mystery. Hopefully, police locate him soon.

Anyone with information on Haire’s whereabouts should call Huron Central Dispatch at (989) 269-6421.

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