A survey once was done that suggested nearly 40 percent of people with a college degree or better read while going to the bathroom. I'm one of them. Not the degree, but the reading thing. And my reading of choice? The Uncle John Bathroom Reader series. Great find!

It started from some books to a full fledged entertainment series, now with a website and everything. Here's a cool read from their page--"3 Real-Life Replicas of Cartoon Houses"

The Simpsons House

"n the mid-’90s, a group of video game designers at Fox Interactive teamed-up with an architect to construct a replica of the Simpsons’ home. The 2,200-square-foot house was completed in 1997 and it originally contained many features and decorations in order to make it look exactly like the one on The Simpsons—albeit in three dimensions. There was even a sailboat painting over the couch, and corncob curtains in the kitchen window, and some Duff Beers in the fridge."

There's 2 others...The Flintstones and the Up house...pretty cool!