Netflix’s increasingly original content model very nearly cost us streaming access to 30 Rock and more, but fear not, nerds. A new streaming deal with Hulu will bring back, Liz, Jack, Jenna, Tracy and all the rest, along with favorites like Parenthood and more.

Having recently picked up the entire Will & Grace library, Hulu today announced yet further additions to its streaming NBCUniversal lineup. Starting on October 1, all seven seasons of 30 Rock will be available to stream, along with an early 2018 addition of NBC’s Parenthood, Paul Reiser Seeso castoff There’s … Johnny!, thirteen seasons of UK reality series Made in Chelsea, and ten seasons of Syfy’s Face Off.

30 Rock in particular became one in a long line of poster-children for streaming licenses, as fans were dismayed to learn that Netflix would remove the series from its library and continue their focus on original content. Other recent notable expirations from the service include all episodes of Scrubs, Joss Whedon series like Buffy and Firefly, and eventually Disney movies and TV shows.

For what it’s worth, BuzzFeed actually asked Netflix about their thought process for license renewals, to which the company revealed that member feedback, viewership and availability of similar titles all factor in. In some cases, the deal isn’t Netflix’s to make; agreements with other outlets or rotating studio content deals take precedence.

30 Rock is nonetheless safe for now, but are we doomed to repeat the cycle of dread for every series? Is a physical media comeback waiting in the wings?

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