33 times in the history of Jeopardy!, Grand Rapids has popped up on the show.

As questions on a game show go, some of these are difficult, but as a resident here, you should be able to get them all. Let's see how you do.

As a huge fan of the show (I have tried out for it six times, getting to the second round of try outs three times and the third round once), someone pointed me in the direction of the J! Archive, which houses every answer and question used on Jeopardy!, the iconic game show hosted by Alex Trebek, which airs weeknights at 7:30pm on WWMT, Channel 3. 

Of the 33 Grand Rapids questions in the Archive, two were wrong answers, and one involves Grand Rapids, Minnesota (which everyone got wrong that day, even though it was alarmingly easy). One also involved a Grand Rapids ride at a theme park that has nothing to do with us, and one involved Cedar Rapids, IA.

Not surprisingly, many of the questions revolved around the 38th President of the United States, the late Gerald R. Ford. 16 of the questions involved him or his wife, Betty.

Another three questions involved GR being the first city to put fluoride in our water supply, while two involved late astronaut Roger Chaffee, and two involved Catholic theologian St. Thomas Aquinas, who Aquinas College is named after.

Twice on the show Grand Rapids was mistaken for Battle Creek by contestants. Which hopefully prompted a stern condescending look from Alex.

11 contestants have been from Grand Rapids, including Brandon Summers, who was just on last month.

The longest run was from Jim Fahner, who had a three game run before getting knocked off.

So here's a look at some of the questions about GR on Jeopardy!.

FIRST LADIES $600: Her first marriage was to furniture salesman William Warren of Grand Rapids, Michigan

MICHIGAN ODDS & ENDS $200: Appropriately, this type of public building in Grand Rapids is named after astronaut Roger B. Chaffee

PATRON SAINTS $400: St. Thomas Aquinas: These institutions, like one named for him in Grand Rapids

THE 50 STATES $1000: The Grand, at whose rapids a city sprang up, is this state's longest river

MICHIGAN MUSICIAN MISHMASH $1600: Anthony Kiedis was born in Grand Rapids, but got a Flea infestation in L.A. in 1983 & formed this band

"RAP" SHEET $200: In city names, they can be Grand or Cedar

TAKE A MICHIGANDER AT THIS $1600: Born in Grand Rapids in 1935, he perished with fellow astronauts Grissom & White in 1967

1945 $400: In 1945 Grand Rapids, Mich. & Newburgh, N.Y. became the first 2 cities to add this chemical to the water supply

THE OLD COLLEGE TRY $2000: New Haven has Albertus Magnus; Grand Rapids, Michigan has a school named for this other 13th c. theologian

FAMOUS EAGLE SCOUTS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1927 this future politician became an Eagle Scout of Grand Rapids Boy Scout Troop 15:

FIRST LADIES $800: Her first date with the future president was for drinks at a Grand Rapids, Michigan bar in 1947

AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVALS $300: This state has a Banjo-rama in Davison & a fiddlers jamboree in Grand Rapids

AMERICANA $300: This U.S. first lady once taught dance in Grand Rapids

FAMOUS AMERICANS: The international airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan is named for this man who moved to the city from Nebraska as a child.

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