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It's a One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night featuring the artists from the 1980's artists who only had one hit.

BIG COUNTRY - "In A Big Country" This Scottish quartet would only have one Top 40 hit in the 80's reaching #17 in October of 1983. They would also be the only "BIG" named band to have a hit in the 80's. But there were other "BIG" named one hit wonder artists is other decades the Big Bopper in the 50's, then Big Brother & Holding Company in the 60's before them and then Big Mountain in the 90's. So Big C

KAJAGOOGOO - "Too Shy" This modern sounding band at the time quintet from London only had one hit in 1983 as a band. But lead singer Limahl would go solo and have a hit in 1985 called "Never Ending Story" from the movie of the same name. So Limahl as a performer would actually be a Two Hit Wonder, but only one hit wonder as the lead singer in Kajagoogoo.

TUBES - "She's A Beauty" This song reached Top 10 in 1983. Fee Waybill was the lead singer of the is SF Bay Area band. For me the album "Completion Backward Principle" was one of my faves of all time. And for best enjoyment please listen to both sides in one setting. The Tubes tried the ballad approach that was successful for Journey and Foreigner looking for a hit, but their ballad "Don't Want To Wait Anymore" in 1981 did have one song that hit #35. So "She's A Beauty" would be their only Top 30 hit.

FRIDA - "I Know There's Something Going On" You may know this Swedish singer from her success in a little band called do you spell that backwards? Oh yeah - A B B A. This song from 1982 reached #13 and featured Phil Collins of Genesis who played drums and also produced the song.

PATRICK SWAYZE - "She's Like The Wind" A great song from the movie "Dirty Dancing" that hit #3 just before Christmas in 1987 and probably would have hit #1 if the holiday music didn't get in the way. Sadly Patrick's life was cut short due to pancreatic cancer. He was so good on Saturday Night Live in a bit with Chris Farley and was even voted Sexiest Man Alive in People Magazine in 1991.

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