This little statue has people freaking out! This Egyptian statue has been spinning in it's locked case and people are wondering if it's something supernatural or can be explained by science.

The museum in Manchester England has been trying to figure out what could be causing the issue. When they brought in a physicist he suggested something called 'differential friction' could be causing the problem. This means that it's moving little by little because of the people who are walking around all day causing little vibrations.

The museum isn't buying it. They say that these kinds of statues act as vessels for spirits.

CNN reported:

Statuette no. 9325 doesn't appear to go by any proper name. It's a prefabricated figure -- an off-the-shelf product -- that was placed into a small tomb around 1800 B.C.

For decades, the figurine stood perfectly still -- until museum workers moved its case a few feet from its original position.

However, it only seems to move when foot traffic is coming through. Hmmmmmm...