Before you make up some burgers and throw them on the grill for your next summer barbecue, double check what's in your freezer shouldn't actually be in your garbage.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has issued a recall on 42,922 pounds of ground beef that's sold at Walmart & Target due to fears of E. coli

Lakeside Refrigerated Services, based out of New Jersey, is recalling their product after the bacteria was discovered during a routine check by the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). There have been no reported illnesses to date.

The ground beef was produced on June 1st and the following products are part of the recall:

  • Marketside Butcher Organic Grass-Fed Beef 1 lb.
  • Marketside Butcher Organic Grass-Fed Beef Patties 1 lb.
  • Marketside Butcher Organic Grass-Fed Beef 93% lean/7% fat 3 lb.
  • Thomas Farms Grass-Fed Ground Beef Patties 85% lean/15% fat 1 lb.
  • Thomas Farms Grass-Fed Ground Beef Patties 80% lean/20% fat 4 lb.
  • Value Pack Fresh Ground Beef 76 lean/24% fat 1 lb.

See some of the product labels here.

Marketside Butcher is a brand sold at Walmart and Thomas Farms is sold at Target. The press release says that the beef was sold to retailers nationwide.

People are normally infected with E. coli after exposure to contaminated food. Symptoms of E. coli include bloody diarrhea, dehydration, and abdominal cramps. Some people end up developing a type of kidney disease.

The FSIS says that in order to kill all the harmful bacteria in ground beef you must cook it to a temperature of 160°F.

The USDA classified this particular recall at a "Class I" which is considered a high health hazard situation. Find more info about the ground beef recall here.

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