This is really cool! Paw Paw Fire Department hired their first female firefighter, according to WWMT.

Back in November, Raelyn DeGroff joined the fire department as a junior firefighter and at the time, the post said she was the first female firefighter in the department's 150-year history. Well, just last week, the Paw Paw Fire department made it official and made her a paid firefighter.

As WWMT reports, Raelyn is no stranger to the firehouse or Paw Paw Fire Department, in particular, as her grandfather, father and uncle are all firefighters there as well.

I love the quote she told WWMT about women getting involved even though the job is predominately male

“If you can dream it you can do it. It's been my dream since I was eight and I am here,” said DeGroff..

True that!

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