We, as Americans, eat more hot dogs on the 4th of July than any other days. Over 323 billion in 24 hours. And that's not including the dogs they eat at the Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island!

And by the way, the Hot Dog eating contest, why it it televised on ESPN? I mean, come on. Sports? Entertainment? Did they change the name of ESPN to ES Pig Out Network? Anyway, I read this article about a hot dog taste test "Hot Dog Taste Test"

"Best supermarket hot dog: Nathan’s Bigger Than The Bun Skinless Beef Franks
Editors said: "Best flavor of the bunch." "Zesty, meaty, would be good with mustard." "Lightly smoky, familiar in a good way, tastes like the ballpark." "Metropolitan Museum hot dog. A little spicy. Good firmish texture."

That was the best one. AND the only one I have ever heard of.

My best? Good ol' Ball Park Franks. They plump when ya cook em!