As the season ends for 2021 for the John Ball Zoo, they are offering up a reduced admission for their last couple of operating days of this year.

Starting on Saturday, November 13th and running through the last day of their 2021 season -- Sunday, November 21st -- you can visit the zoo and it will only cost you $5 for daily admission!

The $5 daily admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the John Ball Zoo, or you can purchase them in advance online here.

I've found visiting the zoo in the cooler temperatures is the best time to view some of the animals. In the warm summer weather, they tend to find cooler places to hide and aren't all that active. In the cooler weather, a lot of the animals seem to be out and about.

Also, this is the final weekend to check out IllumiZoo. It runs through Sunday, November 14th. I have gone to this event for the last two years and highly recommend it. You get a unique chance to stroll through the zoo at night to check out illuminated landscape of nature drenched with rich lighting and sounds. This striking spectacle cycles through creative imagery, music-synchronized animal displays, and animated motifs of moving light. (Note: You won't see any animals in their habitats at this event.) For additional information on the IllumiZoo, here is the link for John Ball Zoo's website.

If you haven't been to John Ball Zoo recently, you will be amazed at the new entrance to the zoo. They have completely redone this area. You won't even recognize it from the way it was before. Very impressive. Definitely worth a visit to check it out.

Bundle up, and head to the zoo for their final week of the 2021 season!

John Ball Zoo is located at 1300 West Fulton Street on Grand Rapids' northwest side.


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