Summer is a great time of the year to enjoy West Michigan. The problem is sometimes work gets in the way of summer fun. Here are some summer job opportunities which can help you enjoy more of summer in West Michigan.

Some of these job openings will take you outdoors where you'll need to keep up on sunscreen and/or bug repellent while others are more focused on having fun while making some money. Either way, these five summer jobs (plus one spot a little further north) will work if you're trying to make a memorable summer.

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    Michigan's Adventure

    Summertime in Michigan can be relaxing, but it can be a lot of fun for adrenaline junkies too.

    Michigan's Adventure provides plenty of opportunities for thrill seekers. They also have a wide variety of jobs for those who want to be around the fun on the roller coasters or at the water park.

    Find a job as a ride operator, life guard and many other opportunities.

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    Mackinac Island

    Yes, it's obviously not West Michigan, but the summer jobs at Mackinac Island offer such a unique experience we had to mention them.

    You'll find a lot of hospitality positions, but it goes beyond that as Mackinac Island welcomes thousands each summer. Also hiring is a butterfly conservatory, retail shops, coffeehouses and more.

    Most positions on the island are filled by April, so apply early. Try contacting Mackinac Island businesses directly or check the latest on this Facebook page dedicated to summer jobs on the island.

    Mackinac State Parks also have a variety of jobs available.

    Matt Milhouse, TSM
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    John Ball Zoo

    John Ball Zoo is one of West Michigan's many can't-miss summer spots. Become a seasonal employee and you'll experience the zoo as never before.

    Jobs include a wide range of opportunities including face painter, zoo guide, volunteer coordinator, educational zoo instructor, guest services, horticulturist, food services and more.

    MackoFlower, ThinkStock
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    West Michigan Whitecaps

    If you'd like to assist in the sale of some peanuts and Cracker Jacks to some people who don't care if they ever get back, then working for the Whitecaps might be for you!

    Open positions for the Whitecaps include mascot, bat boy/bat girl, bartender, guest services, box office assistant and accounting.

    Matt Milhouse, TSM
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    Horse Riding Instructor

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    LEGO Builder Instructor

    Bricks4 Kids has part-time openings available for a LEGO instructor who will work with kids ages 3 - 12. The position is listed at

    Part-time positions are available now and those positions will have expanded hours in summer due to summer camps.

    Matt Milhouse, TSM