I've moved around a lot, and one thing I've realized about moving is, if you can find the places that do the food you love, you'll find people you like to hang out with. I guess technically that makes me a "foodie" which is alright by me. One of my guilty pleasures are fries; for me, fries can make or break a meal... and sometimes they can just be the meal.

So, after scouring Yelp, I've come up with the "5 Best Places For Fries in Grand Rapids." These are based off the Yelp reviews (though I have tried a few of them, and can say they're delicious), so if you have a place to add please do!

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    The Electric Cheetah

    The Electric Cheetah - located at 1015 Wealthy St SE
    Grand Rapids, MI 49506

    Looking at the reviews, it looks like they're known for quite a bit of good food. They top the list of "5 Best Places For Fries in Grand Rapids".  And if Koko C.'s Yelp review is any indication, you should ask for sweet potato fries when you stop by:

    Fresh, natural, and delicious. Do I need to say more? My favorite side is the sweet potato fries, made fresh with each order, and tossed with fresh rosemary and sea salt. Be sure to check the daily special menu - a chance to taste the creativity of Cheetah's chef in real time. Everything is delicious, but you may have to wait for a table if you go at peak times. Bring someone whose company you enjoy, and chat away the wait. You will be glad you waited.

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    HopCat is located at 25 Ionia Ave SW in Grand Rapids

    From the reviews, it seems "Crack Fries" may change your life!

    Michael E. wrote on his Yelp review:

    Crack fries. That is all you need to know. Go. NOW.

    Backed up with Angie P's review on Yelp:

    Awesome crack fries! Get the cheese sauce for your burger and fries! It sends your meal to another level!

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    One Stop Coney Shop

    One Stop Coney Shop located at 154 E. Fulton St. Grand Rapids

    Adam G.'s Yelp review really does all the selling needed on these fries, except I hear you should get chili on them or make sure to dip them in the garlic ketchup:

    I cannot get enough of this place. The dogs and fries are so good. I rarely eat french fries when I go out, but I cannot miss them here. Hand cut and fried to perfection. And speaking of fried, get the ripped hot dogs. A little crunchy all around good. So many toppings you could eat there every day and never have the same dog twice. I wish the parking situation were a little better, but still worth the trip

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    The Green Well

    The Green Well Gastro Pub located at 924 Cherry St SW in Grand Rapids

    Truffle fries... I've never had them, but now want to try them after reading the reviews, including Brandon J.'s Yelp review:

    Always a wonderful experience and well worth the hour long Friday night wait. An order of truffle fries dusted with herbs and truffle oil served with aioli for dipping is the perfect way to start your meal.

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    Brewery Vivant

    Brewery Vivant located at 925 Cherry St SE
    Grand Rapids

    I've heard a lot about this place... and the two things I always hear about the food here, are the two things Rosemary T. says to definitely try in her Yelp review, although I've never had truffle fries (yet):

    Let's get straight to the food. Their menu changes, so may not see some of these items on the menu.  The best dishes, however, will always be on the menu like the truffle fries and duck nacho.  These are the two dishes you MUST GET. You cannot leave this place without trying either one of them. Their poutine is also extremely good... so if you got a large party, you'll need to work this dish in too.