With all the honors Michigan rakes in for its craft beer and breweries, it's not a surprise that some Michigan brews would make The Daily Meal's list of the Top 101 beers in America.

Check out which Mitten State beers made the list, and their ranking.

To determine their list, The Daily Meal "cross-checked beer ratings on Untappd, BeerAdvocate, and RateBeer, looking for the beers that average beer drinkers and beer-tasting professionals alike have given the highest ratings and biggest praise."

They also tapped into their own experiences, with editors weighing in on the best beers they've had in the past year.

Here are the Michigan brews they deemed the best and their praise for them:

"Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS)- Grand Rapids

ABV: 11.8 percent
Founders KBS is by no means a rare beer, but its release every spring still gets beer geeks excited. And for good reason. With hints of coffee and vanilla, this bourbon barrel-aged stout is smooth, silky, and effortless to drink. It’s scored the elusive 100 on RateBeer.

Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS)- Grand Rapids

ABV: 11.7 percent
Founders KBS tends to get all the love on “best beers” list because it’s released annually, but in late 2017, beer geeks were blessed with a surprise release of a more elusive Founders breakfast stout: Canadian Breakfast Stout, better known as CBS. Made with the same base and aging process as KBS but with the addition of maple syrup as a nod to their neighbors up north, this brew is rich and velvety, and the hint of syrup adds the most astounding sweet flavor.

Bell's Two Hearted- Kalamazoo

ABV: 7 percent
Named after the Two Hearted River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this IPA is jam-packed with Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest that waft pine and grapefruit aromas. With that being said, it’s not painstakingly bitter on the tongue and actually goes down quite smooth. Expect slightly syrupy, pungent grapefruit flavors with little to no alcohol taste — impressive for a 7 percent brew.

Bell's Black Note Stout- Kalamazoo

ABV: 11.2 percent
A mix of their Expedition Stout and Double Cream Stout, Bell’s highly sought-after Black Note Stout is complex, with notes of coffee, bourbon, and plums. The smooth, velvety texture and flavor is everything you want your bourbon barrel-aged stout to be.

Dark Horse Plead the 5th Imperial Stout- Marshall

ABV: 11 percent
You have the right to remain silent. Plead the 5th has aromas of dark fruits, chocolate, and caramel. Similarly, roasted coffee and fruity chocolate takes over the palate. This imperial stout is thick — even a strong flashlight can’t penetrate the pitch-black brew. It’s slippery, oily, and sweet like a diner milkshake that doesn’t give drinkers that too-full feeling."

Any other Michigan beers you think should have made the list?