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This may actually be unprecedented in the History of Rock n Roll. For one lead singer to have FIVE one hit wonders in five different bands.

And that would be a British musician named Tony Burrows who sang the lead vocal on five one hit wonders.

You probably have never heard of Tony Burrows, because his efforts as a solo lead singer broke into Billboard's Top 100 hitting #87 with a song called "Melanie Makes Me Smile."

Yep, I've never heard that one either.

You may not know his name but you will know the songs. And what's really crazy is that during 1970, from January to June, Tony Burrows had four of his five one hit wonders on the chart at the same time. He claims to be the only artist to ever do with four different bands.

We know bands like the Beatles had more than one hit on the charts at a time, but not with four other bands. Just think, you could hire Tony Burrows for a concert and you'd get five bands in one show...that sounds like a great concert. By the way, Tony is still alive and is 78 years old.

Edison Lighthouse's - "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" (February 1970 Hit #5)

White Plains - "My Baby Loves Lovin" (March 1970 Hit #13)

The Pipkins - "Gimme Dat Ding" (April 1970 Hit #9)

The Brotherhood of Man - "United We Stand" (April 1970 Hit #13)

The First Class -  "Beach Baby" (July 1974)

Next week on it's a R.I.P. One Hit Wonder Wednesday Night featuring the artists that have recently passed like Charlie Daniels and Benny Mardones.


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