It's the haunting season and with that in mind, let's discover 5 scary legends about Michigan. Have you heard any of these stories?

Little Mary's Grave:

Photo Credit: Jan Hayner

In 1892, a little girl named Mary who was 7 years old, died and was buried in Oaks Cemetery in Jackson. The graveyard in now called Hillcrest Cemetery. The story says a few days later, her mother woke up in a panic thinking that her daughter had been buried alive.

They excavated the casket from the ground and to their surprise found claw marks on the inside of the casket. Legend has it, that if you go to the cemetery you can still hear the screams of her cries.

Paulding Light:

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Since 1966 in the U.P., people have not been able to find the mysterious source of a light only found at night. The light source comes off of US 45 on Robbins Pond Road.

The light is said to shine white, red, green and blue. Many people have claimed to see this light but there is still no exact source of how it happens.

Ada Witch:

Photo by Vicki Schofield on Unsplash

The Ada witch takes place in Findlay Cemetery in Ada. The legend says the Ada witch is a woman dressed in white and haunts the entire cemetery.

Many people have claimed to hear sounds such as screeching, screaming or even crying. Some people have even reported that they've been touched on the shoulder.

Corn Monster of Wynn:

Photo by Chris Bair on Unsplash

Locals of Wynn, Michigan have reported that there is a monster lurking in the cornfields in Wynn. It has been described by residents as a shadow but shaped like a disfigured man. The monster lives in the cornfields and will scare you at night.

The last claimed sighting was in 2003 when a delivery truck driver pulled of the road near the cornfield in Wynn. As he got out to stretch his legs, he saw a frightening human-like shadow figure staring back at him. He immediately got back in his truck and drove off.

Dog Man:

Photo by Tom Pottiger on Unsplash

The first sighting of the Dog Man happened in Wexford County, Michigan in 1887. Two lumberjacks had claimed that they had seen a figure with the body of a man and the head of a dog.

In Paris, Michigan in 1938 there had been a man who had been attached by 5 wild dogs while one of the dogs actually got up on his hind legs and walked towards the man. In Allegan, Manistee, and Cross Village have all reported sighting of the Dog Man.

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