While we bitch and moan about how many layers we have to put on just to go outside and shovel lake effect snow, the cold weather we're experiencing actually has some positive side effects. Here are five.

5. It burns more calories.

Go ahead and have some more carbs, you'll burn them off just trying to keep warm in the five minutes it takes for your car to hit peak temperature. It's true! Science has shown that shivering does indeed burn more calories than not shivering. In fact it causes the muscles secrete a hormone called irisin that stimulates heat production from white and brown fat cells stored in the body. Just the walk from the hinter regions of the parking lot at the Downtown Y to the building will kill 200 calories, so have another slice of pie!

Chicago's Deep Freeze Continues With Single Digit Temperatures
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4. Who doesn't like a fashionable scarf?

Winter, specifically bitter cold, is perfect scarf weather. Don't leave your neck out in the cold, cover that bad boy with some high fashion! I have several great scarves, enough to have a solid rotation in play during this coldest of weeks. My favorite, this tartan plaid!

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3. You have a bunch of built in excuses for being late.

Want to sleep in a little this week? Go ahead. Winter, particularly cold snaps, provide a plethora of excuses. 'My car wouldn't start', 'My furnace died last night', I have no hot water, you didn't want me to shower in cold water on a morning like this, did you?' Plus, all those traffic delays allow you to get caught up on the Jim Harbaugh podcast. Let's face it #JackTalk is the best.

2. You can embrace the Crock pot cooking craze!

There's nothing better than hot stew to greet you after a cold day out on the slopes (or whatever winter activity you love). Hot food is comfort food, and if you were one of the lucky ones who got an Instant Pot for Christmas, you can have the stew in half the time. Take that thing for a test drive!

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1. You can cuddle up and binge watch the new season of 'Black Mirror'.

Just don't watch an episode without your mate, or they may kill you using a roomba. Look, it's cold out, so stay in and catch up on all your TV shows while getting extra cuddle time with the one you love (for me, that means my pillow). Winter time is TV time, a long standing American tradition.

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