We all know 6 year old Coach Drake from the Kalamazoo Growlers by now. This little guy made national news from all sorts of outlets last week from Good morning America, Barstool Sports, NBC Sports, and ESPN after making his first appearance. The mini coach gave his boys a rousing speech on the mound before giving his team a pat on the butt to go do work. Well yesterday, he made another return and it didn't end very pretty.

Coach Drake approached the home plate umpire after a questionable call was made and didn't like what he had to say. Coach Drake began kicking dirt on the umpire, which was followed by an ejection from the game. Coach Drake totally lost his cool and began dumping balls and throwing bats on the field, before marching back to home plate and throwing his hat at home plate in anger. This little coach has got a big temper.

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