If you're from Michigan, then, of course, you've heard of Vernors Ginger Ale.

Vernors is a Michigan staple!

The oldest surviving ginger ale brand was created in 1866 by James Vernor in a Detroit pharmacy.

Legend has it that Vernor was trying to replicate an Irish ginger-flavored ale when he was called to serve in the Civil War. He left his concoction behind in an oak barrel and, upon his return, sampled the aged beverage and pronounced its bold flavor “Deliciously Different.”

Today, the Dr Pepper Snapple Group produces Vernors Ginger Ale.

Now that the warm summer months are almost upon us (finally!!), Vernors has teamed up with 7-Eleven stores to produce Vernors Slurpees!

The best of both worlds!

7-Eleven has introduced the first-ever regional Slurpee flavor- a Vernors Slurpee frozen carbonated drink that is now available in more than 200 Michigan 7-Eleven stores.

7-Eleven is also working on advertising the new Slurpee flavor on local billboards and keep your eyes open for TV commercials about the new flavor.

I’m not sure if the new Slurpee flavor has made its way over to the few remaining Grand Rapids 7-Elevens, but now I’m making it my mission to find out! Stay posted.

UPDATE: The 7-Eleven on Fulton near John Ball Zoo has Vernors Slurpees! It tastes just like you'd expect- "Deliciously Different".


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