Seven residents from Michigan, have been indicted on federal charges for thefts across 35 states at Walmart stores.

According to MLive, Christopher Campbell, Marquis Davis, Adarius Ferguson, Tipton Lamar Walker and Joshawn Wilson of Benton Harbor along with Elisha Vary of Jackson face felony charges in swiping nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of merchandise during a crime spree that went on from January of 2019 to April of 2021.

These seven individuals are in some very big trouble. So far Campbell, Davis, Walker and Wilson have all been arrested. The Feds are still looking for Ferguson, Sulton and Vary.

Their big scam was stealing electronics like Beats Headphones, Apple products, internet routers and vacuums. They would have someone go and buy the same products so they had a receipt, then return the stolen ones for a full refund. So they basically made one real purchase to start the scam and built on it from there.

At one Walmart location in North Carolina, Campbell, Ferguson, Sulton and Wilson stole just over $15,000 worth of high priced electronics.

This group have made more than 150 fraudulent returns in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and at least in 32 other states. So not only did they pull these scams in the region but were making enough money to travel all over the country to continue making fraudulent claims.

I will say that these individuals showed some real savvy in their criminal escapades but like with most criminals, greed got in their way.

These individuals' crime spree took them from Kalamazoo to Texas to Colorado and most all states in between. Because many of the crimes happened in states where the return process would cross state lines, wire fraud plays a big part in the indictments.

If the defendants in these multiple cases of fraud are convicted, they not only face a lot of time in jail but also face forfeiture of various physical assets and money.

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