Twin Peaks made its glorious return to television this week after a break of over 25 years. Fans across the country are celebrating the new season.

Here are 8 ways to celebrate Twin Peaks in Grand Rapids!

Twin Peaks last aired a new episode when Season 2 concluded on June 10, 1991. The final episode included the promise "I'll see you again in 25 years."

So here we are today.

Twin Peaks Season 3 premiered on Showtime on Sunday, May 21. There will be a total of 18 episodes in Season 3. "Part 1" and "Part 2" aired on May 21.

Immediately after the first two episodes aired, "Part 3" and "Part 4" became available via streaming and on demand services. "Part 3" and "Part 4" will also air on Showtime on Sunday, May 28.

The new episodes have introduced new characters and story lines. They have also brought back a lot of familiar faces and themes from the first two seasons.

We've found a lot of ways to get a bit of that Twin Peaks experience right here in Grand Rapids. They all sound like fun...even if you're not a Twin Peaks fan.

  • 1

    Cherry Pie

    The Twin Peaks Double R Diner is famous for their cherry pie. Fortunately we have one of the nation's best pie bakers right here in Grand Rapids.

    Sweetie-licious Bake Shoppe first opened in DeWitt, Michigan. They expanded to Grand Rapids Downtown Market and brought their award-winning pie recipes along with them.

    Sweetie-licious has won multiple first place awards at the National Pie Championships over several years. They've been on the Today Show with one of their cherry pies and have won other competitions including Food Network's "Amazing Pie Challenge."

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 2

    Damn Good Coffee

    If you are trying to have a Twin Peaks experience without coffee you are doing it wrong. What kind of coffee should you get? There are only a couple of qualifications. The coffee must be:

    1. "Black as midnight on a moonless night."
    2. "Damn good."

    Season 3 has pushed the boundaries allowing for non-black coffee, but we maintain you should take it black.

    You'll find several Grand Rapids coffee shops that can make you a hot cup of coffee to get you started. Start with one of them, but with the ties Twin Peaks has to the state of Washington a trip to Starbucks would be acceptable too.

    Matt Milhouse, TSM
  • 3


    Donuts are another necessity for a Twin Peaks experience. Marge's Donut Den is one of several Grand Rapids donut shops where you can pick up a tasty treat.

    The key isn't so much which donuts you should get. It's more about how many. Start with a lot of donuts then line them up and stack them two high.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 4

    Owls and the Forest

    In Twin Peaks there's something about the forest and "the owls are not what they seem."

    Take a walk through Blandford Nature Center and you might forget that you are not on the TV show. Blandford Nature Center includes 143 acres most of which is covered by forest. They are adding 121 acres thanks to the purchase of neighboring Highlands Golf Club.

    Blandford Nature Center also has owls. They have an owl on their logo. They have had giant paintings of owls placed in the forest along the trail. They even have an owl with its own Twitter account.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 5

    'David Lynch: The Art Life' at UICA

    This one is great for big fans of David Lynch, the co-writer and director of Twin Peaks, but you don't have long to enjoy it. UICA is playing David Lynch: The Art Life through June 1.

    The film covers Lynch's life as a youth discovering art and painting, then ultimately finding his way from painting to film years later as a college student.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 6


    This is simple. All you need is a log to pay tribute to the Log Lady.

    What should you do with your log?

    Carry it around. Talk to it. Listen to it. It may have something important to say.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 7

    Bonsai and Orchids

    A Bonsai tree played a surprisingly important role in Season 2 of Twin Peaks. Orchids were also featured, but Season 2 wasn't the best. Not even David Lynch liked it.

    Maybe you can get that bad Season 2 taste out of your mouth with a visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens. They have an annual Bonsai show and an orchid show too. They've already taken place this year, but the Japanese garden is a year-round attraction.

    Watch for a Bonsai appearance in Season 3 too.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM
  • 8


    The Double R Diner's cherry pies aren't the only time you'll find cherries in Twin Peaks. There's another famous stem-tying scene featuring Audrey Horne.

    Enjoy a taste of Twin Peaks with some Michigan cherries this summer.

    Matt Milhouse/TSM