In honor of the last big weekend of summer, I thought it appropriate to take a look back at some 80's summer style. Of course you'll have the cut-off jeans, the off the shoulder shirts- but peeps wore those pretty much all year round, right? But what was specific to summer at a  certain point in the 80s? Oh right-- jams. Those long-ish, crazy colored, awful shorts dudes wore.

Now, my older bro had a pair that featured skeletons riding skateboards. I don't need to say much more to give you the picture of how awesome they were. Oh,  but I will-- they were neon green and orange. Hot.  Also, they were a gift from my grandmother. He's just really lucky I don't have a picture on hand right now.

 But-- check out some sweet pics of jams and all you ever wanted to know about them here.